Naked Idol


Since ”My Weakness” hit the radio waves in 2009 it’s been clear that there’s a demand for a band like Naked Idol. The song got a lot of airplay and was the most requested song on several stations.

Naked Idol, a hard rock/metal band based in Espoo, Finland, consists of Malcolm (lead vocals), Anti (guitar, backing vocals), Manu (guitar, backing vocals), Magnum (bass, backing vocals) and Jannis (drums, percussion). The band’s music is a unique combination of 80’s big hooky choruses, grungy riffs, screaming leads, and today’s modern sound.

After the success of “My Weakness” the band released a single of a cover version of Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer”. The song was used to raise money for charity and all the profit of the song was given to the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Fund.

On Halloween of 2013 Naked Idol released their first, highly anticipated EP titled “Filthy Fairies” through Rascal Music Finland, Ltd. It included five songs and was released as a physical CD, as well as a digital download. The CD was warmly welcomed by fans and it got great reviews from all over the world. The opening track, “Shattered”, was released as a single for the radio and was also available digitally. The video of “Jane” followed later in 2014.

In Spring of 2014 the band begun to write new material for the follow-up of “Filthy Fairies”. The bands aim is to release two more five-song EP’s, before they release a full-length album. The second, yet untitled EP is planned to see the light of the day in early 2015, after which live performances will follow. The third EP will be released by the end of 2015.